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Next Saturday

Since everyone's on Spring Break but me, I think that a party is in order. So everyone who can get a ride is cordially invited to Victor's Room at NCSSM. (Excluding girls, unfortunately. If you really wanted to come, I'm sure I could find a girl to host though... right.) I figure that after I take the new SAT next week, it'll be pretty good for me. So yeah, if you wanna come, just comment or contact me I guess. I need some entertainment, and I would love to have NCSSM ultimate players against ECG. NCSSM would die. So I encourage you to come. Just do it.
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Sign me up.
can i bum a ride off you?
Sure. When exactly is this thing, Vic?
I mean, come up on Fri?
sweet. if u need directions to my place or something just give me a call, 965 0377... or if i dont pick up, 288 4190
I'll be there.
Hot Dang! I can drive by then! You'll be seeing me there. And in your face after I melee you a couple times with a brute shot. :P