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Spring Break Begins

So we had Mini-term, seven school days and a weekend of "special programs." I helped build a disc golf course on campus, a pity, really, since they're tearing up the IM field, where we built about half of the course. A third of the tees and a basket aren't going to be available. Also, ultimate practiced on that field. This means a lot less playing time. We went to the state tournament on Saturday. On Friday night, I went to camp out at Wendell's house with Krishna, Noah, Jeremy, and Paul. We spent hours building a fire, and putting up a huge-ass tent with no instructions. We had vegetarian burritos and s'mores, and played cards and tried to watch Man on Fire. We slept on the ground in sleeping bags, except for Paul and Jeremy who slept with Jackets and Pants. The whole night, the dog, named after some Algae or something, was crawling all over us, putting balls on our heads, and other crap. In other words, a pretty crappy night. Saturday was six hours of Ultimate. First was against Woodside. That was a bad game... Second was against Cardinal Gibbons/Cary Academy, who we beat after a major comeback. Third was Jordan, who raped us even though they shouldn't have. Fourth was Durga, the B team for Chapel Hill High. It was wet, and we ended up pretty aching after it all. I went to pick-up Philip afterwards, and we went to NCSSM to pick up my crap. Then we went home, where we got ready for Prom. Prom was pretty good. I didn't know the Bur-Mil Park Lodge was so nice. The food was good, even though I didn't eat nearly enough of it, and I got chocolate on my tie, which I found out was 100% silk to my chagrin. I got a few dances, and my fast-thought moves got a little applause. Sat most of the time though, due to my aching legs, especially my right knee. Afterwards, Kate Ashby brought us to Guilford, and Jonathan brought us to Alden's for the after-party. I played some video games, but I couldn't hold out the night. I went home with Nick and Jeni at 3AM or something. I brushed my teeth, and promptly fell asleep. Woke up at noon, wasted time for a long time. Then I ate dinner, and got online. Found out that we got trounced in the tournament today. Lost to CHuf and CG/CA. Knew we'd lose to CHuf, but CG/CA we shoulda beat. Almost got beat by Durga in the consolation match. Man, didn't know I was so important to the team, heh. Not to be arrogant of course. Anyways, now I got an entire Spring Break in front of me... And I don't want to do anything, though there's so much to do. Fucking A.

I got into Duke, GA Tech, Wake Forest, UNC, and NC State, half my applied colleges. Just in case you didn't know.
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