vicl (vicl) wrote,


This is way too good to pass up... check out these girls from NCSSM (the important people are the big Carolina Basketball players behind them, not the girls):
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*psst* Victor, lj-cut...

And yeah, they're not really the type I would expect at NCSSM. I say go for it.
Use a damn lj-cut, man. Big pictures screw the crap out of a person's layout.

What's the big deal? Red eyes?
Nah guys, the point wasn't the girls, the point is that they were from NCSSM, and that the big guys behind them are some of the star players on Carolina's basketball team... Thats why I didn't do a cut. Mainly for Philip and Tim I suppose...
Tricky Victor, trying to be subtle. And stupid me, for not knowing who they were.
Well it didn't work for tim haha... he said it was so big his comp was like dying trying to load it... so he had to take you off his friends list.