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The Past....

For some reason, I got the urge to look up Aycock's website. Dunno why. I looked at the faculty, and realized just how much life changes in so short a time. Take a look:&

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William Price , Principal
Jackie Coates, Assistant Principal
Rick Edwards, Assistant Principal
Janet Royal, Assistant Principal



Charlos Smith, Counselor
Jo Ralston-Asumendi, Counselor
Arlene Hairston, Guidance Secretary

Support Staff

Rebecca Hampton, Curriculum Facilitator
Helen Goley, Title I Reading
Jill Pierce, Speech
Angel Thurston, ISS
Jennifer Donnell, Treasurer
Tammy Littleton, Secretary
Sharon McCleese, SIMS
Thomas Branson , SRO

Sixth Grade

Lion's Roar Team
Nandi Daniels
Rodney Morgan
Dorene Sackmary

Lion King Team
Rebecca McKnight
Denise Ranck
Patty Schram

Lion's Pride Team
Andrea Carter
Rebecca Oseguera

Lion's Lair Team
Dale Adair
Robin Strayhorn

Seventh Grade

The Magestic Lions
Eric Crouse
Jane Eskridge
Christie Finn
Denise Kolo

The Mighty Lions
Rebecca Ayers
Mary Kerrigan
Candance Leverette
Jennifer Parker

Eighth Grade

The Lion's Power
Jean Botzis
Sharonda Green
David Ezell
Monica Rogers
Latonya Montgomery

Damian Eastwell
Tanya McPhail
Sue Metz
Carolyn Warren


Joe Celi
Bobby Crane
Rane Lynch
Tina Magee
Candace Ragsdale
Eileen Sierzenga
Sonita Bell, Assistant
Kathlyn Fitzgerald, Assistant
Carolyn McNeil, Assistant


Elizabeth Lindsay, ESL
Dina Andalora, Spanish
Jeff Begeal, Latin
Jose Rodriguez, Spanish Immersion
Elizabeth Lobos, Spanish Immersion

Music and Art

Jimmy Cheek, Chorus
Walter Harper , Art
Juli Parker, Band
Jesse Suggs, Orchestra



Clara Garrett
Lyman Newton
Lisa Vegais

Karen Harris , Media Specialist
Iris Boyd, Media Assistant
Yvonne Eason , Technology Specialist

William Medley
Masonya Ruff
Amanda Smith
Joseph Yount

nbsp;Almost everything's different. The teachers of the teams are all different, only a few are left. Yount's the only PE teacher still there, and Ms. Rathbone doesn't even teach Orchestra anymore. Even Sra. Hardy is gone. This just made me so... sad for some reason. Made me feel that time is just passing too fast, that things are changing too much from when I was just in middle school, just 3 years ago. It shows how the times will change no matter what you want, and that youth is fleeting. I dunno, it's depressing. I can't remember feeling this way....
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