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So yeah... Saturday. Looks like a few key people won't be making it. Tristan has work, Philip is sick, and Vince has Mickey D's... Sucks. Oh well. Here's the deal. It's gonna be a nice sleepover type thing, Saturday to Sunday. Ya get here at either 3:00 to watch the orchestra concert, which I'll be participating in, or you get here around 6. From there... I dunno, whatever. Maybe we can drive around and do stuff, that'd be fun. Anyways, on Sunday you'll have to leave, but I guess you assumed that. So yeah, not too late to RSVP. Call if you want, 336-558-5836.

In other news, this is gonna be the second time in three days that I'm going to see an orthopedic doctor. My knee started swelling up with fluid last Friday, they call it an effusion. I got a nice inch long need stuck into my knee on Tuesday to get it drained, and it looks like the same will happen today. Damn. Hopefully there isn't any permanent damage. Wish me luck. Out.
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that knee is gross