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...Prom ended 10 minutes ago. Not that I went, but you know, it ended 10 min ago. I spent the time baking cookies, doing chemistry, playing pingpong, playing wayyyyy too much WoW, and watching Wake Forest lose to W VA. What the hell. Wasn't a great night, but wasn't bad. Got back into the ping pong groove actually. It's a good feeling. My knee is getting back to what it used to be, but it's not quite there yet. One week more before spring break, hoorah. I get a break. This is a hell of a trimester, but I think the workload'll help me with time management and the like. I think I got nominated to run for SGA Treasurer. There's a primary first though, to cut it down to 2 candidates. Dunno if I'll even make that, but here's hoping. I'm too antisocial, ever since 2nd trimester started I think. I stay on hall and in my room too much. Gotta change that, gotta get out more. Friends are good. I miss the friends back home. That party falling through last week really sucked. Last night I went to a live concert in the Lecture Hall on campus. Mantra Missile, a Concord, NC band, friends of one of the students here. They did some interesting stuff. Lots of other people's music, even I Want it That Way by the BSB, and Colors of the Quinn, a remix of the Pocohontas song. It was an interesting experience. I ended up buying their debut album for 5 bucks. Who knows, maybe they'll hit it big, and this 5 dollar cd will be a collectors item one day., check it out. Acoustic guitars, harmonicas, drums of all types, all good stuff. It's too late, what the heck. I fell asleep last night without showering, brushing my teeth, or anything, and I didn't turn off any lights. Woke up at around 8:00 maybe, and went back to sleep for another hour. I've had cuts and stuff on my tongue and on the inside of my mouth for days, and it hurts to eat, brush my teeth, and drink citrus-y stuff. I wish I could just go and play Ultimate or basketball. I hate wearing glasses. I wish I'd gone to Prom and had fun, and I wish that I'd gone to prom with a girl. There are some people who want stuff to happen, there are some people who make stuff happen, and there are some people who wonder what the hell happened. I want to make stuff happen. But first, I have to get off my ass and be someone.
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