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Crunch Time Begins

Two hours and 56 minutes ago, one of the more interesting weeks of my life ended. Interesting because a lot of stuff happened, stuff that I didn't know could happen. I guess I oughta start with Sunday. I got back to school at around 9:00, a full 4 hours later than I expected. This of course meant that I was going to have to seriously get my ass in gear to finish HW. I think I got most of it, but it's never good to cram. So I got to sleep later than I wanted to. Monday, this was a big one. Usual monday, until about lunchtime. That's when I checked my SAT score. I thought I had gotten around a 2100 and would have to retake it again. Boy, that was a surprise. My friend, Sam, and I went to check. Just when the page loaded, an Information Bar warning popped up. Closed that. BOOM. Math: 800. Verbal: 800. Writing: 720. 2320. Holy shit, that was incredible. Ran circles in the room, banged my head against the wall. It was a good few minutes. Then we had a monday meeting, where this guy, something Tyson, spoke to us. He was funny, said a lot of random crap. But then he charged us with Saving the World. He said that freedom of privacy was gone, and the constitution had been replaced by the Patriot Act. Well damn. That made me think for a while. Tuesday, found out that I had to make a presentation for a Student Ambassador interview. Used free blocks, afterschool, made a nice Powerpoint. Well, the actual interview didn't go as well as I hoped, but it wasn't bad. Wednesday, normal tired day. Had to start to write my speech. Didn't start till 11PMish. Didn't turn out bad either though. Thursday, elections for SGA, running for Treasurer. My speech was the best hands down. It made people laugh, it had progressive ideas, it was just the best. She was more popular. Turns out that no one had a majority, so there had to be a runoff. I lost. That really sucked. So Friday came, and I just had to survive it. Forgot I had a lab due, had to use my morning time before breakfast and 10 minutes that I got from finishing a midterm early. Strangely, I got the prelab right, and everything turned out well. Friday night and Saturday, just lazed. Now I'm here, writing. Throughout the week I did a ton of work as well. Time to get organized and start studying for APs. I can no longer be lazy. Time to move on with life.
Just for kicks though:

How’s it hangin’ class of ‘06. As you might know, I’m Victor
Lieu from 2nd West, and I’m running for SGA Treasurer. Being
treasurer is something I’ve aspired to for a while, and I’m glad I have this
opportunity tonight. So why should you vote for me? It’s pretty simple
actually. I think I’m pretty good at managing money, which is one of the chief
duties of SGA treasurer. My natural money skills along with my AZN heritage
pretty much means that I’m already a god to middle-aged white capitalists, like
Ross Perot. I know the value of stuff, especially of the green stuff. I
remember pretty much how much I paid for everything that I have. This watch was
34.99, shoes 40 at RRS, this haircut was free, but that’s cause I let my mom do
it. It saves cash, jeez 20 bucks just to let someone “style” your hair; whoo… I
guess it’d be even cheaper if I let it grow out, but who ever heard of an Asian
with a fro. Anyways, the point is that less is more for when you order Pizza.</p>

One of the other duties of the SGA Treasurer is to manage
the Interclub Council, aka the ICC. Back at my old high school, I was an avid
member of the ICC, planned a couple things, fundraisers and the like of course.
I know how an ICC runs, and I think that’s a valuable skill for a prospective
Treasurer. Speaking of clubs, the cafeteria really sucks doesn’t it? Ever have
green eggs? Dr. Seuss was totally lying, that stuff is crap. Glad I haven’t
seen the ham yet. Anyways, while I probably wouldn’t have the power to effect a
major change in cafeteria quality as treasurer, clubs are a possibility. We
have a cheese club this year, don’t we? I wouldn’t mind having, you know… a
steak and cheese club, maybe an A1 club on the side, and a Club Soda to top it
off. There’s plenty of money in SGA, and some of it should be spent on
preserving the bowels- er -dietary health of our students.

I want to help improve the ICC system as well. I’ve heard
that money allocation doesn’t work very well, something about how clubs aren’t
spending money? I thought that was the entire point of money, being spent. The
system today has clubs applying for funds around the beginning of the year,
Octoberish. That doesn’t seem to work, because how is the average club going to
know how much it’s going to spend in an entire school year? As Treasurer, I
would propose a new fund allocation system. I’ve talked to the current
Treasurer, Jeff Tang, and he says that a new system should be made, but we
haven’t quite figured out how yet. Planning an entire new system would be hard
work, but I’m up to the task. Well, I guess I’m almost out of time, but I wanna
leave you all with this: VALUES. Victor Always Lets U Enjoy Steaks. So Vote for
Victor, and in the immortal words of the sixties, peace.</p>
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