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Wow. That was one of the best nights I've ever at NCSSM. Well, what happened? Went to play basketball at 5:30, innocent enough. Played, went to dinner. Ate crap, as usual. Played some basketball then, with the AbuMoussa twins. A frisbee showed up with Karthik, and throwing ensued. Then, at 7:00, Koffeehaus began. I haven't been to Koffeehaus since the first one, it's insane. I'm that anti-social here. Well, I went after awhile, and just sat there, listening. There were some good performances, and some not so good one, like Andy AbuMoussa's rendition of Wonderwall.... That sucked, still love ya man. Anyways, I found Kyle and Wesley, and they went to play basketball after awhile. Met Benji and Matt Ball, incidentally, an incredible soccer/frisbee player. They showed me the Star Wars gangster rap, lol. Then I played some more ball. However, Matt Ball got a frisbee and people were throwing it. Well, I had to join of course. God, I miss throwing around frisbees. Anyways, other crazy stuff happened. The point is, I had a good time, and man, I wish I had more friends here. Too bad its the end of the year. Oh well, Senior year better rock! It's closing time...
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