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Holiday Cheer! and plans for the pre-new-year-week!

Happy Holidays! And to those heathens who worship hell.... go visit or something. The holidays have always been a good time of rest and relaxation. I think I took that a little too far recently. Been lazing in my room since, well, pretty much last Friday night, with the exception of a few events that have already been written about by Tim, Philip, Lim, and Trae. Go check 'em out for the details. After Lim was dropped off yesterday, me and Tris went over to Friendly and proceeded to buy gift certificates and Mickey D's ice cream cones, a steal at under a buck! Anyways, since being back home I have... finished A Walk to Remember (the book), finished the first 3 books in the Hitchhikers Trilogy (of 5), gotten to stage 4 in NFS Underground 2, won one game in The Frozen Game and lost 4 on, cleaned up my desktop (only about 30 icons now!), and gotten Futures, the new Jimmy Eat World album (not at all like Bleed American, but still likable). Quite a bit of stuff I must say. Still on the agenda: read a week ahead for AP Mod Euro Hist, gotten up to date on Chem Lab Notebook, study for SAT (old and new), organize school papers, learn hiragana, fix the roof, get rid of leaves, lose 15 lbs or more, finish last 2 books in Hitchhikers Trilogy, practice violin, reformat computer, beat NFS Underground 2, get Clarity (JEWs best album, says the guy at BB's), etc., etc., and possibly most important of all: buy Half-Life 2. Exciting prospects all. Really need to get off my ass and do all that now. Anyways, we oughta do something big for New Years, like a party or something. Possibly a LAN party, I'm thinking. Maybe one like on New Year's Eve, leading into the new year, or on that day itself. I go back Jan 2nd, which doesnt leave much time open. So! Games to be played... I have a few I suppose. MOHAA, and Starcraft, and if we can find an install, BF 1942, the classics. I have the install for Counter Strike and Condition Zero, both quite fun. Warcraft III possibly, lots of people have that. Halo can be played, if someone owns it. Just have to get a crack and delete the CDKEY from the registry, cause those cause problems. And whatever else, I suppose. LANning is fun, we do it all the time at NCSSM. Granted, the fact that most people have laptops and wireless cards helps a bit... but I'm sure we can make it work. So if you're interested, get back to me, ro tell someone who'll tell me, and we'll find a location (*cough* Lim's house *cough*) and the material we need. So yeah, thats an interesting prospect, one that hopefully can be brought to fruition. (Damn, I play too many video games). Well, thats about all of my life for the last week, and the future week. Guess we'll see what time throws at us. Until the future though, (to be politically correct), Haperry Christmakwanzakah and a Happy Christian New Year!
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